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Susanna P. Soroosh,


Susanna graduated from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City, OK with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in May of 2009. Soon afterward, she began her career by joining the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation team at St. Anthony Hospital in OKC, OK, treating patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, including stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, joint replacements, hip fractures, and cardiopulmonary conditions including COPD. In hindsight, the most valuable lesson that Susanna learned during this time was that there is just no substitute for time spent conversing and listening to a person with whom you are going to craft a specific and meaningful plan for restoring health and mobility. 

“After attending my first seminar of the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, I knew my practice would be forever changed. I felt that these groundbreaking yet simple methods aimed at releasing tension in the fascia were the “missing link” that would finally allow me to facilitate actual healing and true restoration of function for my clients. Simultaneously, I realized that the only way I would truly be free to provide this kind of treatment to people would be in private practice: Private, cash-based, practice, where YOU are the focus, and where I can give you MORE of that precious TIME than almost any other healthcare provider in the system and where insurance companies are not dictating the type and extent of care I am required to provide.”


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